News and Updates

4th Dec 2020

We are upgrading our phone system

On Wednesday 9th December our phone system will be upgraded. We are doubling the number of phone lines that come into the surgery and adding a call queuing system.

Unfortunately, when the upgrade happens at 12.30 on the 9th December our phone lines will not be available for approximately 30 minutes.

We apologise for this inconvenience, but it is a necessary part of the implementation which will bring benefits to patients and the staff at the Surgery.

Thank you for your understanding.

1st Dec 2020

Blood pressure monitoring during COVID

We are currently experiencing unprecedented demands for GP and nurses appointments. In order to carry out effective blood pressure monitoring with the necessary infection control measures in place, we are unable to always offer nurse appointments to allow this.

As a result, we are recommending patients currently on medication for high blood pressure to consider purchasing their own blood pressure monitors. These are available from pharmacies and other retail outlets or online from around £20 upwards. We would recommend purchasing an upper arm blood pressure monitor as evidence shows these provide more reliable readings than the wrist monitors.

Blood pressure readings taken at home can be submitted to the surgery for a clinician to review. This ensures effective monitoring of your condition and clinicians can check that you are on the correct doses of medication.

More information can be found on the British Heart Foundation website.

24th Nov 2020

General Practice is Open

...but because of the Coronavirus pandemic the way patients are seen in primary care has changed.

If you feel unwell or have any worrying symptoms, such as potential signs of cancer, you should seek medical assistance. GP practices are open and here to help but because of the need to minimise the amount of face to face contact to keep you safe, most appointments in the first instance are carried out over the phone or via video. In an emergency, for example if you think you might be having a heart attack or stroke, call 999.

If a face to face appointment is needed you will still be seen in person by a GP. Telephone appointments are not suitable for everyone– if you need a physical examination or blood test, for example. You and your GP can reach a decision on what is best for you.

If you have Coronavirus symptoms you should stay at home for at least 10 days from when your symptoms started and call NHS 111 if your symptoms worsen. You should arrange to take a test by visiting or by calling 119 but do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital.


two ladies looking at a website
24th Nov 2020

We have a new website

You may have noticed that we now have a new website. Our old platform did not have the tools available for us to actively manage the structure and content of the website and we were very concious of how out-of-date it looked.

There was a few hours last week when some people noticed that the website was down, but that was just the old platform been turned off and the new one been activated, this can take a few hours for everything to propogate through.

We have now taken delivery of our new content management system, which provides us much more flexibility to create the type of content on our website that we think you will find useful. Stay tuned for more updates over the coming days and weeks.

Note: You will find that some of our page listings in search engines such as Google do not appear to work, but rather go to a temporary page. This is an unfortunate consequence of moving to a new content management platform and in time the search engines will replace these links with the new ones from the new website.